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Use Your Domain or One of Ours

Brand your campaigns down to the last detail, including the URL. Increase visitors’ confidence, get more engagement and improve SEO by customizing your domain and/or subdomain.

For Example

The original URL for this page is:
We customized the URL to this:

use your own

Option 1

Use your own domain

You can use your own domain name and point it to your campaign. Check out our documentation for how to set this up.

Using these configurations, your ShortStack campaign will appear as if it exists on a domain you own.
For example: or


choose shortstack

Option 2

Choose a ShortStack domain

We provide you with several options for domains. Choose an option during the Publishing process.

select domain

we provide

Domains available on all plans:

Domains available on Agency, Brand or Enterprise plans:


Business, Agency, Brand and Enterprise subscribers can also customize their subdomain.

For example:

your campaign